Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It has begun!

HOORAY!  I survived my very first day of first grade :)  I had a an amazing day.  Could not believe how cute these little kiddos are.  Some were shy, others were super excited, and they all were entering my class.  We got through our fun first day of school pictures with April (Pictured below), we discussed why manners are so very important, read "Have You Filled A Bucket Today" and colored our buckets (idea is out there, I found it through First Grade Parade), practiced walking in a line while singing some fun songs, completed our time capsules, and became familiar with our H.O.O.T Binders.  Such an amazing Day!!!  I can't wait until I get to use so many of the amazingly cute and creative ideas that I have found out here in Blogland!
April, our class mascot

Love these manners posters...found them online on one of the teacher store websites.
Here is a before the bucket picture.  The kiddos colored their buckets today.
Time Capsule Idea...LOVE!
This was a fantastic idea that I made fit my needs. 

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