Saturday, September 24, 2011


This was a fun-filled week.  We started writing journals, made cute apples, made helping hands for our social studies unit, I was the celebrity for the week, worked alongside our 5th grade buddies, and visited Mrs. Clemetson in the library.  I am starting to really feel comfortable and gettin' in a groove.  Since it is my first year I am feeling like I have a million things to do and definitely not enough time.  This week Mr. Kroeze was out of town, so I used that time to try and get ahead.

I love hearing my little kiddos walking in a line while singing or saying their Bible verse for the week.  I especially like when they ASK to say their verse.

                               I finally got the pictures up on my birthday wall!!!
 I am also loving the manners.  They are definitely building each other up with not only bucket fillers, but with their actions throughout the day!  I LOVE it!  Pushing chairs in for others, excited when others try their best at something, and having fun showing Jesus' love!

Lastly, I needed to point out that the people I work with are definitely amazing and encouraging.  I am thankful for them!!!

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