Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tryin' it out!


I love my Cricut :)
Well, I have decided to try my hand a blogging!  I have been inspired by bloggers out there, thanks.  Considering my grade change I thought it would be a perfect time to start.  My classroom is ready for the first day, thanks to the creativity of these pro bloggers, and I would love to show what I have created. Enjoy!!!
Manners Wall, Math Wall, How I Act and Prayer Wall

Bucket Fillers...I can't wait!

My Work Area

crate seats and pillows for the reading area
I love my reading corner!!!

Writing Squares, Display Walls, Birthday Wall


  1. Hi Karra: I am super excited about your new blog. You always inspire me. I am looking forward to spending a great year with you. Love ya, Donna

  2. I love your reading corner! I made crate seats a couple years ago and I love them! Where did you get your pillows? Did you make them?

  3. Carissa-The pillows were from IKEA. They were old and dingy, so (with the help of my grandma) we made pillowcases. The backside is solid brown with a fun print fabric on the front. We put velcro at the opening with ribbon to tie them closed. Simple, yet fun touch!