Friday, October 14, 2011


Hello all!!!

Even though we had Monday off this week felt super long!  On Thursday we had a great night at Fresh and Easy.  We had a school fundraiser; I ran around to take pictures.  The kids loved the fact that the teachers were the ones bagging the groceries.  I love how close knit our school staff and families are.

Today our classroom highlight was making bats with our buddies.  Since we have been focused on mammals in science and our library time was put aside for an assembly, my reading buddy teacher and I decided on a project that the kids could do together.  BATS!!!!  Such a cute idea.  The kiddos made cutie bats with white hand-printed wings and googly eyes.  It was super chaotic, but the end result was adorable.  Earlier, during language time I pulled small groups to read mini books about bats.  The kids loved them!

I have been using lots of things that I have found through other bloggers sites and tpt.  I am super excited to use Mrs. Jump's Insect unit materials.  Such a wonderful and creative product!  If you are interested check her site out on tpt and locate Deana Jump.  I also found great sources for noun work.  My kids are loving the activities!  My favorite was having to list people, and the kiddos were all asking how to spell each others names.  Such sweeties!

Here is a pic of a wonderful buy at Fresh and Easy, a pumpkin
tree...very festive!

 Other highlights for this weekend: my iphone has arrived and I am seeing Lord of the Rings in concert.  My husband is a geek, which translates into me being a geek :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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