Monday, October 3, 2011

Late on the Update

This last week was SUPER busy!  We had picture day on Wednesday, and then on Friday we had Hawaiian dress up day and In N Out family lunch day.  We were movin' non-stop, but it was so much fun!  I am loving my group of kiddos...they are helpful and loving.  They truly want to show Jesus' love to everyone.  They will clap after someone prays or for correct answers (or for just trying).  They will help to push each others chairs in or putting them up.  Can I just say they are precious and melt my heart.

This week I used Mrs. Carroll's peacemaker idea (if you haven't noticed I love following her).  I used this as an extension lesson for our social studies unit.  The kiddos really enjoyed David, and all of his antics.  I am not an artist, but if I have something to copy :) I can be successful!  So thank you Mrs. Carroll!!!  If I look at some of her amazing artistic posters I can create it too!
Of course I had to tie in a Bible verse, which helped things click a little bit more...

"Blessed are the peacemakers because they will be called sons of God"  -Matthew 5:9

When I read this and saw their faces they seemed to understand that being a peacemaker is more than me and them, but God.  I love making those connections.

The kiddos have also been enjoying centers.  Their favorite center is writing their spelling words in sand!  Yes, I am that person.  I trust them with sand.
Well, I am going to tune out for now and get back to some fun home is the latest one!
Mrs. Kroeze

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