Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby Celebration!

This past weekend a friend and I threw a super fun baby shower for one of our close friends.  We decided to do a book theme with bright colors.  Books are very important and we wanted to help start a library for the newest member of the Castile family.  Here are some of the details that helped make this shower so fun to create!

The mama-to-be LOVES chocolate!

LOVED the French Macarons from Sweet and Saucy!

The game we played...alternative names of children's books. 

We decorated onesies...this was my favorite design!

Everyone wrote something to the mama-to-be!

Love her!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Second Grade's Newest Mrs.-To-Be

Yesterday was a truly busy time for wrapped up a very busy time.  A shower was thrown with much love for my past teaching partner.  I LOVE this girl dearly.  Such a heart for the Lord.  Always giving herself fully to any situation.  I am blessed to be a part of her big day!  Until then we gathered together to celebrate her coming marriage. 

Spray painted bottles

I LOVE Burlap!

Our Lovely Miss Stymeist has a song all about her!  Our music teacher, Mr. Kell, learned the hard way that she does NOT share chocolate.  And a new song was born!  "I'll give you the shirt off her back, but I won't share chocolate" (line from the song).  Yummy chocolate truffles were made as a favor for all the guests.

Striped straws and chalkboard labels...MASON JARS!

We served tea because she absolutely loves tea.  I am pretty sure she drinks it everyday.  I also wanted to tie in the fact that she is, of course, a teacher!  Hence the chalkboards and chalkboard labels.

The food was to die for!!!  We had three kinds of sandwiches, two salads, deviled eggs, and DESSERTS!!!  Mini brownies, fudge, chocolate chip cookies, cream cheese filled strawberries with chocolate drizzle, and chocolate and blackberry cookies.  Not only does she love chocolate, but she loves fruit too! 

We played a game...some groups made up the funniest answers.  It was great fun to share responses :)

Our beautiful toilet paper brides!

Our winner!

I love this girl!!!

Mrs. her!  She is the best!!!