Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kickin' off the new year!

I have definitely been missing in the blogging world.  I haven't added pictures (like I said I was going to) and I am just now looking to see what others have been up to!  Needless to say I am sad that I wasn't on here at all during my break! 

Pray for my household...our break consisted of sickness.  Or as we call it being broken :)

On Christmas morning my hubby got hit.  Coughing, sore throat, aching...the works!  Tuesday morning he threw his back out...summing this all up...I was his nurse and nothing around my house got done as I had originally planned.  I definitely had to roll with the punches.  Wednesday granted me some hope.  We walked around the mall for a couple hours and saw the chiropractor (sis-in-law-AMAZING!).  But when Thursday rolled around I found myself feeling a little under the weather.  I felt fine by Friday, I was very happy about that!  However, I was put in my place this morning when I woke up with swollen eyes, yes, swollen!  I also had a cough.  I quickly made a doctors appointment and found that I have a mild case of pink eye and a bacterial sinus infection.  So I am on a few antibiotics :)

All of this has led me up to going back to work...I start tomorrow and NEVER once went into my classroom to prep for school resuming (my plan for today).  I don't remember what I did the last day of school.  AKA...I don't know what I am walking into tomorrow morning!  BUT  I am not going to worry...they have 3 specials tomorrow and thanks to Mrs. Carroll I have some super cute New Year's activities to use!

My goal for this new year is to be diligent in my blogging...I need to learn how to post PDF files of a few things I have created too!

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