Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Made Me Smile!

Totally made my day today!!!!  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I drop to only half my class because of computer class.  During that time the kiddos D.E.A.R. (drop everything and read)!  They LOVE reading together.  But today was an over the top, make me so proud type of day.  Almost all of my students decided to get their Bibles out.  They worked together to pick a book to read.  They all wanted to work together...TOGETHER people!!!!  I heard them reading different verses about how God wants us to forgive each other not just once and how John the Baptist was beheaded...the conversation wrapped within these verses was hilarious.  Gasps and no ways!  Folks this made my day!  My kiddos chose to take their Bibles out and read together.  Such a blessed day!

Oh, and my report cards are finished!!!!

Good night yall!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Well, I can't even begin to explain why I haven't been updating my blog.  Sickness, Grandparent's Day, projects, and the list will continue.  I have had a very eventful few months.  I wanted to share just a few things that have been amazing as I grow more comfortable as a first grade teacher.  Here are a few pics from November and December...

I used a fifties day packet I purchased...Mrs. Carroll...so adorable!  The kids absolutely loved our day!

 After we completed the book we had root beer floats!  We also watched the opening to Happy Days and went through a powerpoint showing items from the 50's.  Oh, and I can't forget rockin' to Elvis...Blue Suede Shoes.
Harvest Corn for Thanksgiving.

During our insect unit we not only did some learning, but some creatin' too, thanks to Mrs. Jump!
Each child in my class brought something to put in our shoebox.  If you have never done this, please do!  We picked a boy in the age bracket closest to my student's age.  We shipped it out, and tracked it.  We learned that our package went to a child in the Philippines.  This was an awesome way to create a giving spirit amongst the give me attitude!

I think this was my favorite page.

I got this crazy idea...in December...that my kiddos gift to their parents should be a calendar...yep...I did it.  Or should I say I enlisted a lot of help from my family!  My grandma, mom, and two brothers came in, created assembly lines and got all the handprints completed.  I helped the kids decorate each page, I printed poems, and assembled 22 calendars!  They looked great and the parents were thrilled.  The bags...we wrapped
them in were brown grocery bags that each child
decorated and wrote on.  Too cute!

Here is a precious picture from one of my kiddos...their Christmas party placemats had 3 pictures on them...The Angel speaking to Mary, Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem, and Baby Jesus being born in a manger. They turned out way cute, but I forgot to snap a picture!


I got this cute idea from Mrs. Carroll...we read "If You Take a Mouse to the Movies" and created our own writing piece held by our friendly mouse.

Enough on school stuff...here are some projects/gifts from Christmas time that I wanted to share:
An Ornament Created for my mama!

                               The family movie and ice cream box I gave my family.
                         A wreath I created using felt, burlap, buttons, and hot glue.
                                       Cinnamon stick wrapped candles.

Post it note stand...picture frame, craft paper, ribbon, paper flowers, and a jewel.

I plan on updating with some January and February pictures soon.  If you want to see more of anything (maybe the calendar) just let me know.  I can post the rest!  I love crafty learning.  I think I enjoy it more than the kiddos do!  Until next time!!!